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VU2-L Bulb Version MIC+LINE VU Meter Audio Splitter Box Sound Level Indicator

VU2-L Bulb Version MIC+LINE VU Meter Audio Splitter Box Sound Level Indicator
VU2-L Bulb Version MIC+LINE VU Meter Audio Splitter Box Sound Level Indicator
VU2-L Bulb Version MIC+LINE VU Meter Audio Splitter Box Sound Level Indicator
VU2-L Bulb Version MIC+LINE VU Meter Audio Splitter Box Sound Level Indicator
VU2-L Bulb Version MIC+LINE VU Meter Audio Splitter Box Sound Level Indicator

VU2-L Bulb Version MIC+LINE VU Meter Audio Splitter Box Sound Level Indicator   VU2-L Bulb Version MIC+LINE VU Meter Audio Splitter Box Sound Level Indicator

VU2-L Bulb Version MIC+LINE VU Meter Audio Splitter Box Sound Level Indicator. VU2-L Bulb Version MIC+LINE Dual VU Meter Audio Splitter Box 4-Way Switcher Sound Level Indicator.

VU2-L Bulb Version: White background meter + tungsten bulb orange backlight. VU2-D LED Version: Black background meter + LED white backlight. By default, the machine has set the mode as the most commonly used mode. Buyers only need to turn DELAY and GAIN knobs to their favorite beating speed. It is a multifunctional VU level meter, which integrates 4-way audio switcher + double large VU meter level meter, which can meet the needs of most buyers.

Buyers can easily connect to multiple audio sources to share a set of large VU level meters to display music bounce effects. It is no longer necessary to re-plug and unplug cables, which is very convenient to manage your audio system. It also supports remote control. In addition to single channel switching function (that is, only one channel can work at the same time), the 4-way audio switcher also supports the simultaneous operation of all channels, that is, 4 channels can work in parallel at the same time. If you input 4 audio signals at the same time (4 IN and 1 OUT), then you can set 4 signals to be output to I/O channel at the same time to achieve the purpose of mixing. If it is 1 IN 4 OUT, then it is possible to output an audio signal to multiple devices at the same time, such as recording or monitoring. I/O port is connected to your player, and the other 4 groups of signals are simultaneously output to each device, one group is input to computer for recording, one group is output to amp, and the other group is output to monitor speakers.

The setting method is also simple. Press and hold the channel key that needs to work at the same time for 2 seconds until the channel light is on. Press the buttons of channels to work at the same time.

Note: It is recommended to use parallel output function when 1 IN and 4 OUT, that is, connect 1 player and 4 different outputs. It is not recommended to use the parallel function when 4 IN and 1 OUT, it may cause sound distortion.

All input and output interfaces are all copper and long gold-plated RCA interfaces, with excellent electrical performance, large contact area, and minimal signal loss. Good materials can ensure good sound quality. In order to maximize the potential of VU meter, original dynamic acceleration and deceleration damping modes have been specially added, which can make the rhythm of pointer beating better. In addition, the most commonly used and most practical functions are designed directly in front panel, so that everyone can quickly set to the best working state. DELAY: Used to set the speed of pointer jumping.

It can be adjusted to a suitable speed according to the speed of music. It will be better visually. Suggestion: slower music with slow rhythm, faster music with faster rhythm.

All settings are displayed in real time , And reference signal is the input audio signal, be sure to input music when adjusting. GAIN: Used to set the gain of input signal. This GAIN setting is not adjusted by using a potentiometer to attenuate the audio through a resistance attenuating the input signal.

This way will affect the audio source somewhat. It is digitally adjusted through MCU. GAIN's potentiometer has no physical contact with input audio signal.

Therefore, the effect on audio signal is 0, which is a digital gain. Through this GAIN knob, you can set the pointer jump range. If the input signal is too small, it can be increased appropriately. If the input signal is too large.

It can also be reduced appropriately. In short, users can set the pointer of the meter in an optimal beating range.

In addition, some users who need to record can also set their own 0dB position to monitor recording volume. VU Meter Function Keys: 3.1.

Buyers may choose the best method according to the actual situation. It is recommended to use the LINE IN method if accurate display is required. This display is the most direct and true. If it is not convenient to connect the cable, you can choose MIC mode. The difference between the two is explained in the figure below.

It is recommended that ordinary users choose ACG, which has the best beating effect, and DB can be chosen for recording studios or special occasions. Turn On/Off Dynamic Damping Mode: It can only be set via remote control. The method is as follows: first press MUTE button on the remote control, and then press ACG/DB button.

At this time, the ACG/DB LED will flash to indicate that this function is turned on or off. When setting, music is playing at the same time, and DELAY and GAIN knobs are turned to at least 50%, you can clearly distinguish the difference between the two modes from the music swing rhythm. After selecting the mode, press MUTE to exit the setting. This machine is powered via USB interface and can be connected to any USB charger.

USB only supplies power to driver board, and has no interference to audio input and output circuits. The functions of VU meter and 4-way switcher are independently controlled. The VU meter only reads signals from the I/O port of switcher, as far as possible to ensure that the sound quality is not affected. (Note: DB is generally used for recording occasions, ACG is used for most common occasions) - Dynamic Acceleration, Deceleration Damping Mode: support - Switch Function: support - Set Power-off Memory: support - Mute Function: support Note: If switcher is working in 1 IN 4 OUT mode, the meter will keep beating in silent mode. In 4 IN 1 OUT mode, the meter will stop when silent.

ACG & DB Mode Description: 1. In ACG mode, the VU meter is driven by an exponential compression algorithm, which means that the relationship between input volume and pointer swing is not proportional. It can be seen from the relationship graph that when the input volume is low, the pointer swings more widely.

When the volume gradually increases, the swing amplitude of the pointer gradually decreases. In this mode, users can use the VU meter in a larger audio input range without adjusting the gain, and at the same time obtain a good display effect. When the pointer jumps with the music, even if the volume input is too small, the pointer will jump, even if the volume input is large, it will not reach the maximum swing. It is recommended to adjust GAIN to make the pointer swing as close as possible to 0dB.

Because it uses an exponential compression algorithm to drive the pointer, it cannot really display the current DB level of the input volume, which is not suitable for professional recording occasions. But this mode is suitable for people's regular hearing habits. Because human ear hears the sound and the loudness of the sound has a ratio, not 1:1. For example: a 20W speaker and another 100W speaker, their power ratio is 5 times. If the meter head actually jumps, there should be a 5 times angle change.

But the human ear does not sound like this, people only feel that the sound is only about 2 times different in loudness. That is, the sound of the 100W speaker seems to be only about twice as loud as the 20W speaker (meaning that the 100W speaker is only 40W, which is not the case). This is the actual difference. So in this case, if the pointer jumping range is about 2 times, the human vision and hearing can match.

But if it jumps according to the real value, the pointer jumped 5 times the angle, which caused the sensory misalignment, which made it relatively uncomfortable. Only for some people, not all situations. In DB mode, the VU meter pushes the pointer to jump after standard AD conversion.

The data has not undergone any changes and is the most original. So the swing of the pointer is proportional to the input signal. An analogy (not actual test data): If the audio signal input 0.1V pointer swing angle is 10 degrees, then input 0.7V. The pointer will swing 70 degrees.

The beating of the signal and the pointer is 1:1. For some occasions that need to know the real music level, such as a recording studio or testing a certain sound level, this mode can be selected.

Attention: - When setting sensitivity, there must be music input. Otherwise the pointer will not jump. It is impossible to see the actual effect of current setting value. Operate at the speed you usually operate computer. Properly adjust the GAIN knob to get a better beating effect. It is recommended to use a separate USB charger for power supply, not to use the USB on audio machine. For example, after connecting computer audio source, it is not recommended to use computer USB again. Because it is easy to generate common ground noise.

Package Included: - 1 x Assembled UV Meter - 1 x USB Power Cable - 1 x Remote Control. Note: - Power supply is not included in the package.

It is assembled and ready to use. Please make sure it is correct.

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VU2-L Bulb Version MIC+LINE VU Meter Audio Splitter Box Sound Level Indicator   VU2-L Bulb Version MIC+LINE VU Meter Audio Splitter Box Sound Level Indicator